Unit di Fabio Marcaccini

Unit - Laboratory of engineering, optimization, problem solving

Unit is able to optimize the performance of diverse works with the support of industrial technology and to work on projects provided or bring prototypes and patents, offering ideas and practical skills of making.

Unit offers a service of great utility, businesses from raising issues related to implementation of projects: from research materials to coordinate the work of the professionals needed, designers, planners, workshops or industries themselves, the control over time Delivery to the creation of innovative and special projects.

Unit has a feature that makes the difference, making it unique: The customer can count on excellent achievements and complete his project, sure to get a quality service that is optimized in time and resources, relying on a professional new, creative, balance between designer crafts.

UNIT means that the bid would also cover more specific requests, such as the supply of prototypes and special projects outside the normal factory production lines, thanks to its unique and extensive network of collaborators.

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